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The world of online gambling is changing the way people view what was once a fun-filled trip to the casino (c).

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In this article, we will try to answer a number of the most popular questions about crypto gambling sites:

Is it possible to win a lot of money and consider online crypto casinos as a way of main earnings?

Any bet in a crypto slots casino is based on the Theory of Probability and combinatorics, and the rules of the game are such that the mathematical expectation of the game is always minus. This means that the calculated long-distance win will be negative, even with a multiplier of x2 and a 50% chance of winning, the mathematical expectation is zero.

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For this reason, your winnings at a crypto online casino  are only episodic events, not a systematic ones. Your chances of losing are always higher than your chances of success.

I played for a week and everything is fine, and yesterday I lost everything, does this mean that the online crypto casino cheated me?

Answer: this is not necessarily true. The fact is that with the number of rolls, the chain of possible outcomes increases, which means that with the number of rolls, the probability of an unsuccessful outcome also increases.

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For example, the task is to get the number six on the die, which will mean a loss for us in cryptocurrency online casino. Not everyone will get a six on the first throw… But does this mean that the six will never fall out? No, the six is sure to fall out for someone from the first time for someone from the twenty-first time. All you need to lose is just play and with each roll the chances of getting a negative outcome increase.

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Do I need to take breaks between playing for 2 hours and playing for five minutes?

There’s no need for that. Best online crypto casino have no memory, which means that your breaks between games are just paused between throws, like coins.

You can flip a coin at a rate of once a minute or once a second or once a day, but does this change the chances of heads or tails falling out? Are there fewer heads or tails than about 50-50? No!

Regardless of the breaks, the chance to win remains the same, and all current results do not depend on the previous ones.

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So is it possible to win at an crypto casino online? In principle, yes. You bet 1 Satoshi, click on the button, win – here are your winnings! Let’s say you deposited 100 Doge and even playing Martingale tactics with a bet of 1 Satoshi, you will most likely not wait for a loss within your life, but the profit will be nothing.

Big wins on crypto gambling sites or crypto slots casino are an occasional occurrence. You are just lucky, and in the future, most likely, you will either lose money or make a small profit, which you can somehow collect until the moment of loss.

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But the chance of winning the big million jackpot remains! In addition to the exciting game, this chance also creates the excitement of an Casino online crypto. If you play thoughtfully and correctly, it is great entertainment. You can also find more information about the individual crypto casinos at our crypto casino list.

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